May 8, 2012

  • Minutes Of Monthly Meeting Of Fire Commissioners

  • Called to order 6:02 P.M. May 8, 2012

    Motion to amend the March 2012 agenda by Commissioner Carew, seconded by Commissioner Sweeney, change, move #7 Executive Session to #9 New Business.

    Comments by Public – none.

    Motion by Commissioner Carew to approve minutes of March meeting. Seconded by Commissioner Sweeney. Unanimous.

    Fire Marshal’s Report – motion by Commissioner Callahan, seconded by Commissioner Carew. Unanimous

    Deputy Chief’s Report – motion by Commissioner Sweeney to approve, seconded by Commissioner Carew. Unanimous.

    Chief’s Report – Motion to accept by Commissioner Carew, seconded by Commissioner Sweeney. Unanimous.

    Commissioners Report – the annual Budget meeting was held on Tuesday, May 1st at Savin Rock School. There was a quorum to hold the meeting. The budget was approved by the taxpayers 69 to 3. There was one blank vote. Commissioner Sweeney was elected for a 3 year term as Commissioner. The district did not raise taxes. Commissioner Sweeney thanked the other Commissioners and officers for their help with the budget process. Commissioner Carew makes a motion for Chief O’Brien to negotiate s fair deal with the Marine Technical Scholl for the sale of Engine 23, (1984), seconded by Commissioner Callahan. Unanimous.

    Chief O’Brien congratulates Commissioner Sweeney on his re-election as a Commissioner.

    Unfinished Business – none.

    New Business – none.
    May 8, 2012
    Monthly Meeting

    Motion by Commissioner Carew to adjourn at 6:31 P.M., seconded by Commissioner Sweeney. Unanimous.