June 5, 2012. Special Meeting

  • Minutes of Fire Commissioners Special Meeting

  • Meeting called to order at 3:40 P.M. by Commissioner Sweeney.

    In attendance Commissioner Sweeney, Commissioner Callahan, Commissioner Carew, Chief O’Brien, Deputy Chief Schwartz, LT Ferrucci, Firefighter Anthony Mancini, Firefighter Sean Weir.

    Personnel Matter – receipt of Chiefs’ investigation regarding test related matter.

    Firefighter Sean Weir requested the Special Meeting be Public Session.

    Findings – Firefighter Sean Weir wore a Fire Inspectors Badge which was not appropriate. The Chief recommends the Commissioners to address the conduct by the candidate to preserve the integrity of the examination process.

    At 3:45 P.M. the Commissioners’ request to review the investigative report of the candidates. The Chief, Deputy Chief, LT Ferrucci, Firefighter Anthony Mancini, and Firefighter Weir leave the room.

    The three Commissioners review the tapes of the investigation of the candidates who took the Inspectors Test. The Tape Review ends at 4:30 P.M.

    Return to meeting everyone present at 4:47 P.M.

    Firefighter Weir states that after he returned to Grade A status he returned all his Inspectors Equipment to Deputy Chief Schwartz.

    Commissioner Callahan asks Firefighter Weir why he did not return the inspectors badge and coveralls to the Deputy Chief. He states he was never asked for them. Deputy Chief Schwartz states that he asked for them 3 or 4 times. Weir denies that Deputy Chief Schwartz asked. Deputy Chief Schwartz then states that he gave Weir Badge #39. Weir denies that this happened.

    Review of Tapes
    Ken Prisco followed the proper procedure and wore the uniform with proper badge.

    Roger Sicotte followed the directions and wore the proper uniform with proper badge of rank. Did not see anything that was out of order or unusual.

    Matthew Forsyth followed the proper instructions that were given and wore the proper uniform with the proper badge. Did not witness anything inappropriate. Had no issues the exam process.

    Sean Weir I believe that I followed proper procedure. I wore the Class A uniform with the Inspectors Badge, that’s the badge I had. Did not observe any improprieties. One of the moderators saw that I was wearing the Inspectors Badge.

    Robert Abate followed all the proper and specific procedures, wore the proper uniform and badge. Did not observe anything that was improper. Thought that the exam was very proper.

    Followings for Sean Weir – Question of wearing the Inspectors Badge. Even though you are a Grade A why did you wear the Fire Inspectors Badge. States that he was waiting for an exchange of badge. States that he was not provided with a Grade A Badge. State that he was not asked to return Inspectors Badge and other equipment.

    The Board of Fire Commissioners go to Executive Session at 5;15 P.M.

    Executive Session purpose of the session is to discuss the investigation and tapes of the Inspectors Exam on May 25, 2012 that was conducted by Chief O’Brien.

    Executive Session ends at 5:40 P.M.

    Everyone returns to the Regular Session at 5:40 P.M.

    Commissioner Callahan makes a motion to disqualify Sean Weir from the Inspectors Exam, based on the investigation by the Chief and Deputy Chiefand hearing by the Board of Fire Commissioners. Commissioners Sweeney seconded the motion. Unanimous.

    Motion to adjourn at 5:41 P.M. seconded by Commissioner Carew. Unanimous.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Joseph Callahan