Prevention of fires caused by cooking

  • - Roll up sleeves before cooking and use oven mitts. Loosefitting clothes can touch a hot burner and catch on fire as a result.
    - Keep items which can burn, such as dishtowels, paper or plastic bags, and curtains at least three feet away from the range top.
    - Always remain in the kitchen while cooking.
    - Do not leave barbeque grills unattended while in use. Keep grills at least three feet away from other objects, including the house and any shrubs or bushes.

    According to U.S. Fire Administration, many families gather in the kitchen to spend time together, but it can be one of the most hazardous rooms in the house if you don’t practice safe cooking behaviors. Cooking is the third leading cause of fire deaths and the leading cause of injury among people ages 65 and older.

    It’s a recipe for serious injury or even death to wear loose clothing (especially hanging sleeves), walk away from a cooking pot on the stove, or leave flammable materials, such as potholders or paper towels, around the stove. Whether you are cooking the family holiday dinner or a snack for the children take precaution and remember the fire safety tips listed above.