new engine

  • New Engines

  • We have recently replaced 2 aging Pierce fire engines with 2 new HME Spectre engines. These employ all the important safety and technological advancements made in the last 15 years. These engines have built in generators to provide electricity on demand at scenes. Each has an inline foam system for extra fire suppression at the flip of a switch. The water pump employs an automatic pressure governor which increases safety of the hose teams and decreases demand on the pump operator.
    The engines are equipped with a full compliment of safety features as well including 360 degree cameras for driver visibility, redundant passenger restraint systems, side curtain air bags, and wireless headset communication systems. Each engine carries 880 gallons of water with a 1250 gallon per minute Hale pump. Stainless steel piping and waterways will reduce maintenance cost.
    E21 from headquarters is spec’d as a paramedic engine and carries personnel and equipment to handle the most urgent medical emergencies. It carries the “Jaws-of-Life” and other equipment for rescues.
    E25 on Meloy Road carries first response medical equipment will quickly be first at any incident on that side of the district.